Transforming findings into actionable insights


Wednesday, 18 November
1.00pm - 4.00pm
Via Zoom


This workshop is aimed at people who regularly conduct user researcher. Such roles may include; user researcher, UX designer, service designer, interaction designer.




How do you move from the findings that you’ve identified from analysis of your raw data to insights that influence and drive action? During this workshop, you will become familiar with methods for synthesizing and translating your research findings into ideas and outcomes that decision-makers can grasp and help take to the next level.

We ask that workshop attendees have some previous experience with analysis and where possible.

  • An understanding of the synthesis process and how to avoid bias
  • A clear understanding of the differences between findings, insights and actionable insights
  • A framework for how to transform findings into actionable insights
  • An experience of transforming findings into actionable insights
ABOUT Ruth Ellison

Ruth Ellison is an experienced user researcher who helps organisations gain a deeper understanding of their users and to make better evidence-based decisions. She cares deeply about building happy and creative teams. With over 18 years of design experience in both the public and private sectors, she loves working on complex problems and making meaningful work.

In her spare time, Ruth makes science-based jewellery with lasers and 3D printers through her design label, CrankyBot, and loves exploring and writing about escape rooms. You can follow her on twitter at @RuthEllison

ABOUT Michelle Pickrell

Michelle is a User Experience Designer with a degree in Industrial Design. She is passionate about designing for empowerment with a particular focus on helping people with physical and cognitive impairments to have a greater quality of life.

Michelle has worked in the UX industry since 2012 and has enjoyed problem-solving with a range of government and private organisations. She is also currently doing a PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. Her PhD is focused on the design of interactive rehabilitation equipment which delivers feedback to stroke patients while they are undergoing rehabilitation.