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Racheal Reeves

Racheal Reeves

Digital Design Lead
Te Hiringa Hauroa
Wellington, NZ

Racheal Reeves believes in blending different methodologies to redefine the development of systems, people and culture. She joined Te Hiringa Hauroa in 2020 and previously worked at Spark New Zealand where she developed innovative strategies toward employee experience to overhaul the customer experience. Racheal is also the co-founder and Head of Product at which aims to empower you during National and Local government elections.

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Changing the way we design high risk products to make meaningful impact


New Zealand has a mental health crisis. From January to June 2020, 654 people died of suicide. 50-80% of New Zealanders experience “mental distress or addiction challenges” at some point in their lives, while each year, one in five people experience “mental illness or significant mental distress”.

This is the journey of how the Government and a Start Up joined forces to reimagine the way we build and engage users in mental wellbeing products. It’s a story about balancing the complexities of Government with the need to rethink the way we design health products. Along the way, we explored disciplines beyond product design, from education to game design, and how dark design principles can be used for good.

This is all part of our starting point to change how New Zealanders will experience mental distress.