Donna Spencer

Donna Spencer

UX designer / information architect / teacher

Donna is an independent design consultant. With 20-ish years experience, she has expertise across the entire design spectrum – from strategy to delivery and everything in between – and loves all of it. She has designed for a wide range of problems across all kinds of industries, with a particular emphasis on solving complex employee experience problems. Recognised internationally as a leading UX practitioner, Donna is a regular conference speaker, has written five UX-related books.

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Past Talks and Workshops

Presenting design work: And getting great feedback


As designers, we spend a large amount of time talking about our work - probably as much as doing the work itself. Sometimes our clients understand what we're talking about and know how to respond, but not always. Sometimes they seem to comment on things that aren't relevant, aren't in their expertise, and that we just can't do anything about.

In this talk, you'll learn how to present design work in a way that gets great (i.e. critical, not complimentary) feedback every time. It will cover:

- how to prepare the audience to focus where you want them to

- how to present the work so they understand it well

- how to teach them to give great feedback

It's super-practical and you will be able to walk out with tactics for your very next presentation.

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