Pete Lister

Pete Lister
  • Head of client strategy & delivery at Silverstripe
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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Pete is Silverstripe’s Head of Client Strategy & Delivery team, and is a delivery guy at heart. He’s been in NZ since 2006 and worked for a number of New Zealand’s organisations such as NZPost—where he implemented a digital mailbox (a talk for another day)—and MetService—where he headed up the International Media Team. With over ten years of experience in delivering software solutions to clients across the globe, he is a big believer in change and finding new ways of working. At Silverstripe, Pete is responsible for all things Delivery, leading our creative and development teams to produce solutions that delight our clients and that the team are proud to work on. When he isn’t working across each and every project at Silverstripe, Pete spends his time cycling and almost succeeding in being a professional coffee drinker.


More than an MVP: The case for continuous improvement in the COVID era

In 2020, COVID-19 has shaped the way that agencies are delivering websites for their users. It’s become all about standing up a website quickly so that people can get the information they need as soon as they can.

But speed isn’t everything.

In this talk, James & Pete will take you through why yes, an MVP site is important, but continuous improvement is where you can really make a difference when it comes to your users’ experience.

Using examples from their work on, Keep It Real Online, and Unite Against Covid-19, they’ll be taking you back to March 2020, where they delivered a number of sites for government agencies under tight deadlines. They’ll tell you what happened to get to MVP, and how they’ve continued to improve the user experience on the sites that are all connected to our journey with COVID-19 here in New Zealand.

Interspersed with personal perspective and tales from behind the Zooms, they get to the heart of what it takes to use a continuous improvement approach to deliver websites that don’t compromise on user experience for the sake of MVP.

James Ford
  • Creative director at Silverstripe
  • Wellington, New Zealand