Clint Schnee

Clint Schnee
  • Lead UX at IAG
  • Auckland, New Zealand

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Clint has a lifelong passion and curiosity for the invisible systems and principles that govern how things work. His varied design experience includes six years heading design at Disney’s Club Penguin, and quite a few running his own small UX agency in Canada. He recently moved to Auckland with his family and is now lead UX at IAG New Zealand. In his spare time he likes to explore off the beaten path, go on adventures with his boys, and occasionally get a new, breathtaking typeface.


Take a load off: How to identify and reduce cognitive load

“Cognitive load” is an often used but seldom understood concept in the UX community. In this talk, you will learn a little bit about how the brain works, types of cognitive load, and some practical strategies to lessen its impact on the people who use the products you design.