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Ren Pope

Ren Pope

Senior Staff Ontologist
California, United States

Ren Pope is a Senior Staff Ontologist for Etsy. He has 30 years of leadership and vision in the information science field. He has worked in many different disciplines to include information architecture, knowledge management, and user experience.

As a Senior Staff Ontologist, Ren is responsible for developing and fielding an ontology capability, structured information strategies, and knowledge management for Etsy. He leads efforts to create the strategy and models that will help Etsy connect its one hundred million listings offered by the 5.3 million sellers, offered to 88.1 million buyers. Ren enjoys writing and speaking about the theory and practice of the information sciences; and in his free time, he likes running around in the out outdoors, pushing buttons and turning knobs to make music, and throwing things into oak barrels to age them.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Get Knowledgeable: Developing skills for the UX of Knowledge Graphs


Knowledge graphs, social graphs, and concept diagrams are becoming more prevalent in the business world. Companies like Google and Meta are using these capabilities to represent information. Let’s learn about these emerging applications and how we can design great experiences to support them.

We will learn:

  • What are knowledge graphs, how they are built, and how they are used.
  • The design patterns, interactions and other experience elements that make up knowledge graphs
  • How to use design artifacts such as card sorts, journey maps, and wireframes to design knowledge graph experiences.
  • Learn how to use these what we learn throughout our UX practices.

The workshop will have a hands activity to apply what we learn. Digital and physical templates will be provided as take aways for you to use in your own practice.

This workshop is for everyone! No prior experience is needed.

Past Talks and Workshops

Get Knowledgeable: Developing skills for the UX of Knowledge Graphs


As research practitioners, we tend to have more conversations about research methods, but without the skills to connect, communicate and influence our stakeholders and teams, our impact may be limited. In this hands-on workshop, Ruth will be guiding you through a framework on how to maximise the impact of research. You’ll be working with others to share stories and brainstorm approaches and tactics. Leave this workshop with tools you can bring to your team to affect change straight away.

In this talk: