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Q Walker

Q Walker

Experience Lead
Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa NZ

Q Walker (they/them) is the Experience Lead at PaperKite, a digital product / tech agency based in Wellington. Q passionately specialises in UX research and strategy, and has never quite let go of their graphic design roots - which is a good thing, because they also lead a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, designers, and marketers. Q is also a musician, actor, public speaker, horror movie aficionado, tightwire walker, and avid gardener, and has been described as a walking exclamation point.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Emoji IA: What is a Lobster?

They say a picture says a thousand words. So what does it say when that picture is forced to live in a predefined category? Join me in an in-depth exploration of emoji IA, and you'll never look at your emoji keyboard the same way again.

Past Talks and Workshops

The future lies in Conversational User Experiences


The interface of the future is invisible. As AI and machine learning continue to mature, chatbots and voice interfaces are only going to become more prevalent - making Conversational UX a critical skill for the future. In this talk, we’ll talk about how to design and write a conversation-based user experience, how to test it through UX research, and how to use Conversational UX to improve your visual interfaces.