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Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar

UX Strategist
New Zealand

Andrew Millar, Experience Director PaperKite

Andrew graduated Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Design Innovation in 2011. He joined PaperKite as lead designer in 2013 and oversaw the design of apps for brands like the All Blacks, Air New Zealand’s Grabaseat, and Coca-Cola. His role has moved from Designer, to Creative Director, to now Experience Director – charged with ensuring that PaperKite are creating the best possible experiences for every end-user.

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Past Talks and Workshops

The future lies in Conversational User Experiences


The interface of the future is invisible. As AI and machine learning continue to mature, chatbots and voice interfaces are only going to become more prevalent - making Conversational UX a critical skill for the future. In this talk, we’ll talk about how to design and write a conversation-based user experience, how to test it through UX research, and how to use Conversational UX to improve your visual interfaces.