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Lana Gibson

Lana Gibson

Wellington, NZ

Lana has worked in digital data for more than a decade, using Google Analytics, SEO, social media and other data to understand the user experience and improve performance.

She turns masses of numbers into usable audience insights, and provides data solutions that can be used by everyone and not shelved in the ‘too-hard’ basket. Clients include Air New Zealand, Te Papa, Silverstripe, BNZ, RNZ and GOV.UK.

It’s not user stupidity, but design failure that causes many people to get frustrated online. Good design is driven by data.

Lana speaks at events and blogs about how to shape successful digital products around user needs.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

This talk has not been listed. Please check back in once the schedule has been released.

Past Talks and Workshops

Top UX trends revealed by data

Data and Analytics

Lana will help you connect with your users through data trends she’s found over the years. She’ll share the human needs behind the numbers, translating complex data into plain English insights. She’ll show you how to meet those needs using real life case studies. Insights include the fact that users often bypass the home page completely, despite everyone wanting their content there. Bounces aren’t always bad, and how to get around the fact that most on-site search functions are rubbish. She’ll share real life case studies from organisations such as Victoria University of Wellington, Te Puni Kōkiri, RNZ, Commonsense, NZ government agencies and GOV.UK.

Data is the voice of our audience, and Lana transforms the numbers into actionable insights.

The talk will include:

  • Top UX trends across many different websites, and how to use this insight to create better UX.
  • Case studies from organisations such as banks, Victoria University of Wellington, Te Puni Kōkiri, NZ government agencies and GOV.UK, RNZ, Te Papa and Commonsense.
  • Why data isn’t just about conversions and hits, it’s about understanding your audience and giving them what they’re looking for.