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Tom Holloway

Tom Holloway

Digital Content Lead
New Zealand

Tom likes long walks on the beach, bad puns, and Oxford commas. He also enjoys talking utter nonsense ad nauseam, which may or may not be why he ended up in the comms space. By day, when he's not waging war against robotic tone of voice, or smiting jargon where it stands, Tom plays the role of everyone's least favourite chat bot, 'Tom from BNZ'™. Ever since he got banned from the year nine speech finals for making too many fart jokes, it's been a goal of Tom's to speak to a large audience. So here he is, free from his pre-pubescent sense of humour and the smouldering glare of Mrs Bishop, to share with you what he's learned about talking to customers.

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How to talk to customers in their own language


In the never-ending war for our attention, there aren’t many winners. An unyielding onslaught of communication has created a wall of white noise, which despite its magnitude, falls on deaf ears. If what to talk about and who to tell it to are the twin principles of customer comms, then what to say is the often-neglected sibling. In this talk, Tom delves into why each aspect should be weighted equally, and why neglecting the latter will lessen the effectiveness of the first two. He poses that saying the thing right is just as important as saying the right thing, providing real life examples of how a switch in focus can increase both customer experience and conversion. You’ll see just how powerful plain English can be, and will come away with an understanding of how to tailor your writing to capitalise on the brief window of attention afforded to it by your customers.

In this talk: