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Sarah Cheng

Sarah Cheng

Head of UX, Global eCommerce Brand Websites
California, United States

Sarah Cheng

Head of UX for Logitech's Global eCommerce Brand Websites. 10+ years of award-winning, digital marketing experience within Silicon Valley, Switzerland, and Los Angeles. Technical and practiced across multiple disciplines, while being able to efficiently communicate with leadership teams. Passionate in growing diverse and inclusive teams, impacting communities and organizations, and advocating for a user-focused culture.

Costanza Volpini, UX Designer

UX Designer at Logitech. Empath and systems thinker who cares about creating more user-friendly and inclusive experiences. After graduating in computer science, she transitioned fully to UX. Here she found in design systems the perfect union of design and informatics. Passionate about understanding how users utilize our products, she is always looking for ways to improve processes, components, and experiences.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Building and Evolving a Design System that Aligns UX Strategy with the Business

It is well acknowledged that design systems are crucial in ensuring rapid brand scalability, consistency, and cohesiveness. Thinking in systems and strategically is now a required skill. In this case study on Logitech's design system, we want to present our journey, including the difficulties we encountered, but mostly by reviewing it from a strategic and business perspective. We will not delve into the basics of a design system, but rather explain how to get buy-in from the leadership by turning our design system into a business need. Our decisions have all been mostly based on the results and findings obtained from our qualitative and quantitative data. We believe that nowadays design should be data-driven, and first and foremost our design system.

Past Talks and Workshops

Building and Evolving a Design System that Aligns UX Strategy with the Business

Data and Analytics

Data Science is changing the world and UX research needs to leverage all the data to better understand business and user needs. This talk uses real-life examples to explain how Data Science can complement UX research and the kind of applications data scientists and UX researchers can collaboratively work on.