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Peter Harvey

Peter Harvey

Product Owner
Optimal Workshop
Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

6+ years working in Product in software development. In first few years of working in product I discovered the power of being a part of good user research combined with data analytics. I am now exploring the benefits of improving a product or service's Information Architecture to create even better experiences for our customers and better results for the organisations I work for.

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How can we embed the IA discipline as part of normal product development? A Product Manager's perspective.


Often product people don’t understand IA and the problem it solves, and we think UX research will be enough.

As the web and development has evolved it appears that the UX discipline has become the predominant means of understanding our customers/users. My initial introduction into IA, as a product owner, was confusing. I couldn’t see the user problem that IA solves. There were so many concepts and methods framed with language that I didn’t understand (ironically!).

For IA to become embedded in the product development process, we must also use the language of product: What user problems does IA solve and what are the commercial/organizational benefits of IA? The methods of IA can be explained later.

In this talk I will share ideas and approaches:

  • A better way to explain IA to product people /stakeholders
  • Show the impact of IA through identifying the targeted metrics
  • Final stage of embedding IA in product: Building understanding and empathy for IA through delegating IA user interviews, testing to product folk

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