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Mark Wyner

Mark Wyner

UI/UX designer

Mark has been working as a creative professional and technologist for nearly twenty years, partnering with Fortune 100/500 companies and non-profits to craft meaningful experiences for digital UIs and ecosystems in new technologies. He shares his thoughts as an international speaker and writer. In his personal life Mark is a daily meditator, soccer addict, father of five, husband of one, and social justice activist. He also has a great story about saving his son from a scorpion by catching it in a jar with his ninja-like reflexes.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

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Past Talks and Workshops

The Voice of UX — How Speech Technologies Will Change the UX Landscape


Seasoned UX designers have worked in an array of landscapes: physical products, website UIs, mobile applications, and more. Much of what we apply to one medium, we can apply to the next. Yet each presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. With the introduction of voice-based UX, we are facing a very new landscape that presents an abundance of unexplored territory.

In this session Mark will explore many of the elements of voice-based UX environments related to personalities, empathy, cognitive load, memory processes, accessibility, and Artificial Intelligence. He will share some of his related experiences working in wearable/ automotive spaces, outline some of his ideas about how we can apply what we know from other UX landscapes, and exhibit some real-world examples of successful and failed UX in the aural landscape. He will also share his experience as a father in a home abundant with new technologies, many with aural UX.

This talk will be intellectual and conceptual in nature, with enough practical information to ensure UX practitioners can walk away with considerations for building voice-based experiences.

In this talk: