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Lucy Denton

Lucy Denton

UX Designer

Lucy is a Sydney based UX Designer, working in the Atlassian Ecosystem. She has the unique role of helping create third-party add-ons and integrations for Atlassian products. She is tasked to work with vendors to ensure that Atlassian’s marketplace houses high value, high quality offerings.

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Developers developing empathy


How can we as designers help developers invest in the user experience?

At Atlassian, we’ve been growing our ecosystem - a group of integrations and add-ons for Atlassian products, made primarily by external vendors. This is challenging from a design perspective, as most of our vendors are small development teams without access to a designer. Most have never sought user feedback before, and a large group see design as an afterthought, something to ‘make it pretty’.

Last year we adapted our own user research techniques to start an initiative helping these developers understand the value of user feedback, and how to conduct it themselves in the wild. Designer Lucy Denton will share how this method has helped developers invest in the user experience and changed their mindset towards design, and how you could adapt this method to your own design agency or product team.