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Kelsey Gee

Kelsey Gee

Lead Designer
High Impact Innovation Programme – Department of Corrections
Wellington, NZ

Kelsey is the Lead Designer at the High Impact Innovation Programme (HIIP) – a Justice Sector innovation unit aiming to reduce harm across New Zealand’s Criminal Justice System.

A graduate of CoCA Massey’s Bachelor of Design (Hons), she’s fascinated with how design plays a leading role in creating meaningful, social and systemic change. Her happy place is diving into Aotearoa’s most complex social systems: listening and learning from our communities, and delivering innovative, human solutions that respond to the core needs of our most vulnerable people.

At 25 years old Kelsey’s experience spans across Experience, Service, UX/UI, Spatial and Graphic Design. She has led cross-disciplinary projects across multiple government agencies, iwi, NGOs, and holds a Red Dot and Gold Best Award.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

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Past Talks and Workshops

Innovating within the Justice Sector | Part 2: For a Fairer Start – Design’s role in shaping mana enhancing social & systemic change


For a Fairer Start – Design’s role in shaping mana enhancing social & systemic change explores how design has enabled the High Impact Innovation Programme’s (HIIP) success in delivering impactful change within a system that is so archaic, the end-to-end system hasn’t been designed, is has simply evolved.

This talk is part two of a two part series presented at Mini Con for UX New Zealand 2021, challenging designers across all levels to think differently about how design can be used across different mediums and constraints to generate both meaningful experiences and meaningful change. The series challenges assumptions on the scope of ‘meaningful experiences’ and encourages our industry to strive to push the boundaries on what we can do to create a fairer, and more just Aotearoa.

In this talk, explore design’s role in creating empowering experiences that break both cycles of crime and institutional racism. Hear the stories and learnings from a project that demonstrates the creation and breadth of ‘mana-enhancing’ and ‘meaningful experiences’ and how these go on to uplift our communities and effect wider social and systemic change.

Innovating within the Justice Sector | Part 2 goes where design in Aotearoa has never gone before. It demonstrates how meaningful experiences and meaningful change are outcomes of a well-considered, mana-enhancing design process and provides insights to how real behavioural change can be designed into a complex system.

This talk will inspire and challenge designers to go beyond what we think design is capable of and provide key takeaways and approaches for engaging with vulnerable stakeholders and re-designing a fairer and more just Aotearoa for generations to come.