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Kate Towsey

Kate Towsey

Research Ops Manager

Kate Towsey manages a global team delivering Research Operations at Atlassian. She's been a Research Operations consultant for a decade delivering research labs, recruitment panels, asset management platforms, and data governance and research communication strategies for organisations interested in scaling their research practices.

In 2018, Kate started the ResearchOps Community and instigated the #WhatisResearchOps initiative, a global movement that put Research Ops on the map. She now runs the Cha Cha Club, an invite-only community dedicated to people who deliver Research Operations day-to-day in organisations across the world. She brings people and content together as a curator for Rosenfeld Media's Advancing Research Community. Last but not least, she's currently writing Research at Scale: The Research Operations Handbook, which will be published by Rosenfeld Media in 2022.

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Research Ops War Stories & Triumphs


Research leaders across the world are embracing Research Operations to help them deliver practices that are efficient, ethical, scalable and impactful. And they’re investing time and energy in building Research Operations teams to look after this work. But exactly how can Operations help turbocharge a research practice?

Over the past two years, Kate Towsey has built a global Research Operations team for Atlassian. In this talk, she’ll share war stories and triumphs, realities and reminisces and how Ops has helped amplify research efficiency and impact along the way.