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Julia Steffen

Julia Steffen

Principal Content Designer
Memphis, TN, USA

I’m Julia Steffen. Content design is my raison d’etre. Which is French for my other raisin.* My first raisins are humor and storytelling. I have at least 3 raisins.

I’ve worked in content for 10+ years at St.Jude, Wunderman Thompson, MetaLab, and Grubhub -- and I’ve loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. Probably more like 90% of the minutes.

* It actually doesn’t. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it did?

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Past Talks and Workshops

Content design for startups: How to work lean, have maximum impact and get all the high-fives


Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face. Mike Tyson said that and it's true (at least metaphorically) about content design as it is boxing.  And it's especially true if you have a small content design team —or none at all. We’re two content designers who’ve both been punched in the face — a lot. But we’ve learned a lot too, so our pain is your gain.

We’ll provide tools, resources, and processes that help you metaphorically survive punches and remain light on your feet. And although we keep talking about someone punching you, content isn’t scary.

Tools include: speedy workshops, content models, language banks, and quick-and-dirty user testing.

Resources include: Hemingway App, Grammarly, Find and Replace Figma plugin, Frontitude Figma plugin, Figma playgrounds, PowerThesaurus, and OneLook Dictionary.

Attendees will leave with a set of tools, knowledge of how and when to use them. They’ll be able to immediately use these tools for content design and product glory. Even if you aren’t a content designer. We can’t promise that you’ll be carried on the shoulders of your coworkers, showered in high fives, and be soaked in champagne. But we can promise you’ll make a lot of people happy with the user experiences you help to improve.

In this talk: