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Jodine Stodart

Jodine Stodart

Fireside UX & Design Coaching
Auckland, NZ

After 6 years as UX Director for Digital Arts Network, leading UX practice and managing client accounts (including Auckland Council, Auckland Museum, Countdown and Spark Ltd), Jodine offers coaching services across a range of disciplines - UX Research & Design, Service Design and Leadership.

I use a combination of Service Design, Regenerative Design, UX research tools and coaching to help organisations to understand themselves and their customers better. I facilitate teams to come up with low risk, high impact ideas for change both internally and externally, that when informed by customer research, organically inspires change and ownership. I enjoy using ways of working that unite teams, create alignment, and reveal clear pathways forward that excite momentum to act and courage to push forward into the new.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

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Past Talks and Workshops

Attack of the 10 Foot Customer Journey Map


The challenge:

How to turn 45 research docs and 11 interviews into a customer journey map that will engage stakeholders from different business departments, woo the budget keepers, explain the process to frontline staff, and put customer retention on the agenda for the business.

The Answer:

Lock yourself into a small yellow room with no aircon, 1000 post-its and create an uber giant monster journey map that contains all the data, channels, customer touchpoints, pain points and opportunities. Terrify the Designer with the giant wall of post-its that need to be translated into a beautiful easy to follow artefact that is plan printed onto a roll of glossy paper 10 feet long. 
Intimidate your stakeholders with impressive number of post-its on wall, and the sheer size of the artefact. Walk them through with a skilfully crafted narrative that tells a compelling customer horror story of what it's like to be a home loan customer so that everyone feels their pain. Help the stakeholders resolve the pain with a series of workshop exercises to engage them in the map contents and emerge with some implementable solutions.

UX coaching: Embedding UX practice from the outside-in