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Jason Fox

Jason Fox

Content Design Lead
San Francisco, CA, USA

Jason Fox is one of many Jason Foxes. He currently works as the growth content design lead at Chime, where he uses language to help people achieve financial peace of mind. He's also led content design work at companies like Atlassian, Oracle, and Verizon. Jason has written about content design in publications like The UX Collective, The UX Writer’s Collective, and UX Planet.

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Past Talks and Workshops

UX writing for behavioural design


Can you recall a time when you were gliding across a new digital tool and suddenly the wind left your sails and you just… quit? Content design for growth helps folks hone the skills necessary to avoid creating those moments in our own products. With this knowledge, people who build products will be able to craft, revise, and optimize content and content processes for product adoption and usage.

In this talk: