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Helena Beckert

Helena Beckert

New Zealand

Helena works for Xero as a tester and plays computer games in her spare time. She's gone rather quickly from dipping her big toe into testing to being pulled right out to sea in a rip tide. Someone even let her talk at the WeTest 2016 conference. She's a big fan of automation and big hater of anyone gatekeeping anything. She wishes she could buy more books and that more people would talk to her about politics and religion. Find her at and @maltekk on Twitter.

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Past Talks and Workshops

Testing the health of Mental Health in NZUX

Inclusive Design

Accessibility is a huge topic in UX, but we often focus on the easiest parts, the low hanging fruit. While important, things such as screen reader tags are technically easy to implement and understand. We're asking the harder question, "Are we doing enough for mental health accessibility in NZ."