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Ella Stoner

Ella Stoner

Experience Designer
Spark New Zealand
Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

Ella is a creative thought leader and has facilitated over 50 Human Centred Design Workshops. Ella and her team developed a Cloud Product that enables New Zealand businesses to connect with Public Cloud Services such as Amazon, Google and Azure in a human-centric way.

She has a passion to help teams see any space through a simple lens to foster an environment for anyone to creatively solve problems in.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

In a nutshell – A three-step-tool for teams to break down the barriers of complexities

From the depths of a complex business to business environment in a world with cloud products and network engineers talking in acronyms was born a simple three step tool for improving clarity, removing egos, and creating an inclusive problem-solving environment.

Simplicity advocate Ella Stoner has applied this three-step tool to many spaces that needs solving or designing for – regardless of the level of complexity. It bulldozes that looming assumption that everyone knows what they are talking about and upon completing the tool together, everyone will feel more relaxed and on the same page before even beginning to think about the approach to the work.

It’s something that’s small, compact and keeps a rather delicate thing safe – a nutshell. She’s here to talk to you about how to use a nutshell in your working life to break down the barriers of complexities.

Past Talks and Workshops

In a nutshell – A three-step-tool for teams to break down the barriers of complexities


Want a seat at the table? Learn how to use the principles of product strategy to become a more strategic designer and deliver work that really ‘moves the needle’.Designers are all too often just seen as ‘pixel-pushers’ - when the business of design is all about solving problems. Often, designers are not included in product strategy, or worse - there IS no product strategy! Using real-life examples from highly successful products, learn how thinking like a product manager can give you more influence in the direction of a product or service - and drive results that stand out.