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Dice Allardice

Dice Allardice

Information architect
Optimal Workshop
Paraparaumu, Aotearoa New Zealand

Dice has worked as an information architect, content strategist and writer – at Springload, Xero, and as an independent consultant. Right now he’s chuffed to be Optimal Workshop’s resident information architect. Dice is no longer a high-school teacher, although from time to time a former student will still come up and say “Hi, Mr Allardice,” which instantly ages him by at least a decade.

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The information architecture of tasks


TASKS. They are the fuel which powers our individual and team productivity. They are the lens through which we design experiences for users (their “jobs to be done”). Organisations obsess over cataloging and tracking them.

But: We’re TERRIBLE at tasks. Apparently over 40% of tasks committed to a list never get done. Why?

Well, tasks require a system. A strategy. Does your team have one? That works?

Come hear about how information architecture can help teams and individuals grapple with tasks more effectively. And how we might apply similar principles to assist those using the experiences we build.

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This talk isn't available right now. Please check back in later.