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Carina Ngai

Carina Ngai

Design Director
California, United States

Carina Ngai is currently a design director at MetaLab. She has been a designer in UX / Product / Research, specializing in finding product-market fit for new product categories, and emerging technologies. She was the former product design manager at Roblox, a popular social gaming platform for kids, leading the player experience design team.

Carina's design portfolio spans across many domains in the industry such as gaming, augmented reality, education, marketplace, creation tools, data and privacy. Among them were Google, Netflix, Samsung, and Adobe. She is also active in the design community and often speaks about the practice of design research and inclusive design in various design conferences.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

New frontiers of the Metaverse, to make inclusive places not spaces.

Designing the Metaverse is about enabling social relationships, and making inclusive places for communities to thrive. A shift from technology to relationship centered design; from UX (user experience) to CX (community experience).

Past Talks and Workshops

This talk isn't available right now. Please check back in later.