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Anna Lee Anda

Anna Lee Anda

User Experience Researcher

Anna Lee Anda is a User Experience Researcher based in Singapore. Currently she is working for Zendesk, a global SaaS company which builds software for better customer relationships.

She has experience working in the technology and financial industries. Anna is passionate about educating designers and product development teams about the benefits of research and taking a pragmatic approach to delivering successful results.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Treat your career like a shippable product

Often professional development planning comes as an afterthought. It comes after your work priorities and a never ending to do list. However, it is something that one needs to do intentionally. You should be growing and learning daily. Eventually that small daily practice becomes a newfound or strengthened skill. This can happen in two ways - education/training, or experience. Many people hope their manager can help them with this but at times one isn’t reporting to someone who has the same career path, or may themselves know how to help. This can be even more difficult when external deadlines compete with your own professional or career deadlines. How can you manage both effectively? In this talk you will learn techniques, tips, and tricks on how to ensure you stay on the path forward and will hear about my examples of career mishaps and missteps and how I recovered from them at my current organisation and previous roles.

Past Talks and Workshops

Learning from your users, in their world


There are great benefits to visiting your own customers both from a design, business, and development perspective, which at the minimum leads to a better understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. It is your own untapped resource, that is inexpensive or free to get valuable information. This talk will help you to begin this positive and helpful habit and give you the tools and know-how to generate stakeholder support.