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Anna Bek

Anna Bek

UX/UI Manager
Transaction Services Group (TSG)
New Zealand

Anna has a strong background in user-centred design, visual design, interaction design and information architecture. She possesses a Master’s degree in Art, Psychology and Software Development. Currently, Anna is the UX/UI Manager at a global transactional services company in the Health industry.

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How to measure the experience (UX ROI)


Everybody knows how UX is important for the organisation, right? But why am I surprised every time I’m hearing the question - ‘Why do we actually need UX in this project? It just slows things down. OR it would be nice to have but, we don’t have time for that.’ In an ideal world, yes, that wouldn’t be the case. But this is not always true. 

UX is definitely making the difference, so many global companies have already realised that. So why don’t we follow their example and we’ll start creating history? There is a misconception that experience is something unmeasurable. There are however, many ways experience can be accurately evaluated. 

So, how do you talk to the business in their language, using numbers to your benefit? Knowledge of what is the impact that design has on the business and understanding of ROI, KPIs and When, How and What to measure, can help you to have this conversation. Businesses are investing money and want to see a return. What is the business value of the design?

Also, it is vitally important to identify how success will look at the beginning of the project and tracking against that. This is a great basis for continuous learning, tracking the improvement, highlighting the value and having a focused conversation based on real data, not on opinions or assumptions. This is always hard to start, but everything begins with baby steps.