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Michael Burrows

Michael Burrows

Anxiety Specialist
Wellington Anxiety Specialists
Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

I’m fascinated with and passionate about the psychological mechanisms of our human minds and quick to offer insights and strategies which may assist in breaking the bonds of negative cycles in people’s lives. I have an appreciation for research and always have a few fun psychological facts and figures up my sleeve.

I have a wealth of experience from working hundreds of clients through all kinds of anxiety: generalised, social and health anxiety, specific phobias, panic, and PTSD, as well as OCD (including 'pure-o') and trichotillomania. I trained in clinical psychology at Wellington's very own Victoria University and have also undertaken extra training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for reprocessing traumatic memories.

I’ve run an anxiety clinic here for the past 9 years and for the last 4 I’ve forayed into helping people through online videos and products and doing a lot of learning about the application of psychology to business and marketing. Rather than viewing this as something beneath therapists, I view it as a way to connect with and help more people. Which the world could really do with right about now.

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

Panel: Managing professional wellbeing in your UX career

Join us for a panel discussion that will dive into a holistic discussion about how we can better balance career advancement, mental health and internal/external pressure.

The current landscape of the tech industry is filled with the expectation of learning at speed. Even at the very start of our careers, we all have to walk the line between hard and soft skills. When considering the speed in which the field is evolving and how quickly new tools, technologies and methodologies are adapted, it can be difficult to keep up. This constant grind can cause anxiety.

As an employee, you may not have direct control over your organisation’s culture and ways of working, but there are things within your control that you can do to stay on top of wellbeing in your career. In this discussion, our panelist with share experiences, practical tips, and insights to help you improve professional wellbeing. Including:

  • identifying and managing long-term anxiety in your career
  • overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome – at any level of experience – by using skills that you already have in your UX toolbox
  • encouraging psychological safety and a culture of experimentation within your team and organization
  • how companies can support their employees with holistically with career advancement, mental health, and family support

Past Talks and Workshops

This talk isn't available right now. Please check back in later.