Paddy McShane

Customer Success at Optimal Workshop / Dublin, Ireland

The UX of Retention

In this talk I will show the link between UX and CS; two new and growing industries. From engaging users effectively to improving the user's well being through top class IA. I’ll also discuss ways to test whether you are effective in making users successful, and how to communicate their success both internally and externally.

Paddy is a Customer Success Manager at Optimal Workshop. He works with UX researchers, designers and developers from around the world to help them get the most value from their subscriptions to Optimal Workshop's tools, thus helping them improve the internet for everyone. Think of him as the Nick Fury of UX, keeping a reign on all you UX superheroes. An Irish man who has returned to his homeland from a few years in New Zealand, he is now spreading the good word of successful UX in the northern hemisphere.

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