Natalie Kerschner

Senior User Experience Specialist at BNZ / Wellington, New Zealand

UX Yoga – Or how to do UX in an agile world

Recently the UX industry has been in transition with a huge change to how we work. This talk focuses on how UX physically works in a rapidly changing agile business world by looking at how we worked in the past, how this has changed over time and following this trajectory, the future for people in UX roles.

The talk will follow the story of a young UXer, starting out with idealistic ideas on how UX would change the world, working in standalone Usability Labs. This was back in a time when the UX practitioner was seen as an elite specialist, projects took weeks or months to complete and end results were perfectly edited reports presented to clients with ceremony, and then never touched again.

We’ll travel to when agile was introduced and see how she and the UX community adapted to shortened time frames, changes of practice, guerrilla usability, less focus on reporting, and the loss of the elitist status. Then we’ll look at the current trend of Lean UX and how the role of the UX practitioner has changed to one of a facilitator, trainer and strategist and what this means for our future.

Natalie is a UX activist who has spent the last 20 years actively fighting for the user in Australia and NZ. She’s passionate about enabling every person, no matter their role, to not only get involved with UX activities but empowering them to take ownership of it!

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