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Sumitra Manga

Sumitra Manga

Intermediate Software Engineer
Wellington, NZ

Sumitra is on the front lines of performance optimization at Raygun. Curious by nature, Sumitra is always second-guessing assumptions and searching out front end performance gains across the Raygun application and website. She loves discovering and implementing best practices, and has a passion for consistent and beautiful code.

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Core Web Vitals - putting user experience at the forefront of design, engineering and marketing


What does the way Google calculates search rankings have to do with UX design? In 2021, a lot more than you might think. With the introduction of Core Web Vitals, three new metrics for measuring website performance, Google has put user experience at the centre of importance. Finally they are catching up to what designers have known all along, you might say. 

But we believe that Core Web Vitals are so much more: it’s the first time that designers, engineers and marketing have a clearly measurable common goal, one that provides the language to talk about what good user experience means and how each member of the team can contribute to it. 

In this workshop, we’re learning how Core Web Vitals are measured and identify good and bad examples (spoiler: there are A LOT of bad examples). We’ll give you the tool to diagnose common issues and prioritise how to address and fix them, and we’ll give you the knowledge and understanding to become the champion for overall great user experience across your organisation, from design to engineering to business. 

And because we really do think this is a big shift on the internet, we want to discuss with you what Core Web Vitals mean for your work and how it might change the standards both for good design and for development. Will Core Web Vitals change how websites look forever?

Key learnings:

  • Getting to know performance metrics and their relevance for UX design, on the specific example of the three Core Web Vital metrics 
  • Understanding what LCP, FID and CLS measure
  • Learning to identify issues impacting performance for these metrics 
  • Prioritising issues by complexity and areas - what can be fixed in the content, design or implementation of a website 
  • Considering Core Web Vitals performance in the design process

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