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Miriame Barbarich

Miriame Barbarich

Co-Founder / Strategy Director
Wellington, NZ

Ngāti Maru ki Hauraki, Ngāti Pikiao, Ngāti Raukawa

Miriame is a creative strategist who is constantly pushing for the decolonisation of design, communications and the creativetech sector. Miriame and the team at IDIA are reimagining design practices - creating methodologies and tools (Culture Centred Design, Cultural Integrity Scorecard, Cultural Design Research process) – always putting indigenous ways of being at the heart of their design practice. They’re also actively involved in growing the capability and capacity of Māori and indigenous designers – ensuring they’re at the forefront of our designed futures. Miriame has worked with government, corporate, private and start-up, and brings this experience to transformational projects for Māori and indigenous peoples in Aotearoa and around the world.

Designing culturally affirming products for a bicultural Aotearoa


This talk is aimed at helping researchers and designers navigate how to design culturally affirming digital products: products centred in a te ao Māori world view, meeting the obligations of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, made truly for Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ll use case studies to help you understand and apply the learnings and techniques to your own work. We will describe different experiments and frameworks we used and what worked best. Keeping in mind that culture-centred design is a relatively new field, we can provide evidence on how successful our approach was at meeting our goals for this project and others.

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