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Jodine Stodart

Jodine Stodart

Fireside UX & Design Coaching
Auckland, NZ

After 6 years as UX Director for Digital Arts Network, leading UX practice and managing client accounts (including Auckland Council, Auckland Museum, Countdown and Spark Ltd), Jodine offers coaching services across a range of disciplines - UX Research & Design, Service Design and Leadership.

I use a combination of Service Design, Regenerative Design, UX research tools and coaching to help organisations to understand themselves and their customers better. I facilitate teams to come up with low risk, high impact ideas for change both internally and externally, that when informed by customer research, organically inspires change and ownership. I enjoy using ways of working that unite teams, create alignment, and reveal clear pathways forward that excite momentum to act and courage to push forward into the new.

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Conscious Leadership: Improving your leadership style by design


Conscious Leadership - What is it? Is it chanting OM in the board room? Doing yoga to team build? Saging to clear the air instead of facing the tough conversations?

And why does it matter for UX and Design ?

Many large tech companies and innovative entrepreneurs are writing and speaking about this emergent form of leadership style. It has its roots in the practice of conscious business and triple bottom line thinking - people, planet and profit.  John Mackey, CEO of Wholefoods published a book late last year "Conscious Leadership - elevating humanity through business". Former CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, is a well known speaker and practitioner of conscious and compassionate leadership.  

Like them, I believe bringing more awareness to leadership and how we lead wherever we are can transform every relationship and every product or service we deliver into the world. And just as good design is intentionally considered and informed by its users, so is good leadership - intentionally considered and informed by the leaders' environment, both natural environment, and human social / cultural environment. 

Being a conscious leader means creating a greater sense of purpose for the teams they lead that goes beyond profit.

Key learnings:

  • Create a broader awareness of the eco-system you are embedded in - within and outside of the organisation. 
  • Clarify your purpose as a leader 
  • Practice the principles of deep listening and coaching
  • Learn about different feedback frameworks for better growth and communication
  • Practice reframing a difficult conversation
  • Craft your own personal mission statement
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