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Dana Fridman

Dana Fridman

Design Lecturer and Researcher
Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington
Pōneke, Wellington, NZ

Dana Fridman is a lecturer at the School of Design Innovation, Victoria University of Wellington. Her background is in psychology and design, with user experience research and design being the focus of Dana’s practice and teaching. As part of her research, Dana works on design for health and wellbeing, relational design, user experience practices around the world and design education. Previously, Dana helped shape the Master of User Experience Design as the programme director, designed and developed games for health, co-founded a govtech startup, and worked in the extended reality space. Dana is passionate about user experience research, design and facilitation.

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Designing the in-between: How facilitation can better serve people


Facilitation is essential to our daily work as researchers, designers and leaders. We are expected to hold and convene spaces for many purposes - from design workshops and focus groups to daily stand-ups and meetings. We all aim to create spaces that serve and create positive outcomes for the people participating in and contributing to them. 

In this workshop, we ask: how can we ensure our facilitation practice serves the people we are working with and for? Together we will explore how we show up when we facilitate; the qualities and presence we each bring to this work; and, practice facilitation patterns in dialogue with each other.

The workshop will be structured around an evolving series of facilitation patterns. We will shift between pairs, groups and the whole. We’ll work relationally throughout the workshop - practicing and reflecting on being with each other, while testing different approaches for facilitation and co-creating new guides.

As a result of attending this workshop, you will have:

  • More knowledge (and more helpful questions) about what facilitation means for you, your work, and the people you work with
  • An experience of facilitation and hands-on practice in a supportive, inclusive environment
  • New frameworks and patterns of facilitation that you’ll be able to use in your work and with your teams
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