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Boon Sheridan

Boon Sheridan

UX Designer and Researcher
Holyoke, MA, USA

Boon is a user experience designer, researcher, writer, and distiller-in-training. He helps teams identify real-world problems and infuse that knowledge into making products people can use without rage-closing their browsers or silently screaming at their phones. He's worked for bootstrapped startups and the sort of large companies that buy those startups on a whim.

He's writing Getting Started in UX for Rosenfeld Media. He lives in a New England church built in the late 1800s and has the dust allergies to prove it. He's a lover of new cocktails, old records and would love to hear about your new favorite thing. You can find him at

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How to be more efficient with product research


Learn how to avoid common mistakes in product research and get meaningful feedback to make informed decisions.⁠

Time to do research is a precious commodity you shouldn't waste. After writing scripts, recruiting participants, and sifting for insights, you want to make informed decisions. However, sometimes projects wrap with results that breed confusion.

Positive responses to a feature or design don't always translate to user success or adoption. Even worse, after the time you spend on research, you might come away with neutral or non-committal results that don't help your team move forward.

There can be many reasons why your research efforts didn't yield the results you want from them, and in this workshop, Design Researcher Boon Sheridan will take you through many of them. He'll show how to avoid common mistakes in Product Research and how to get meaningful feedback that helps you make decisions.

Key learnings:

  • How to develop stages of product research and what types of insights will help you
  • What kinds of research methods can generate the insights you need
  • Whom to interview to make sure you get the most from user recruitment
  • What questions to ask to avoid false positives that mask unfavorable outcomes
  • When to course-correct during a research project if results don't meet your goals
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