Q Walker

Q Walker

Experience Director
New Zealand

Q Walker, UX Strategist PaperKite

Q, originally from the United States, holds a Master’s degree from Bentley University’s Human Factors in Information Design. Q previously held roles as a UX Designer at Fidelity Investments and as the Experience Lead for Uprise Digital. Q’s role at PaperKite is critical for the way we imagine and craft digital experiences for our clients. This includes leading and deploying a number of research methodologies to inform experience strategies for PaperKite and their clients.

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The future lies in Conversational User Experiences


The interface of the future is invisible. As AI and machine learning continue to mature, chatbots and voice interfaces are only going to become more prevalent - making Conversational UX a critical skill for the future. In this talk, we’ll talk about how to design and write a conversation-based user experience, how to test it through UX research, and how to use Conversational UX to improve your visual interfaces.