Dear friends

We’re taking a pause in 2018

After some hearty deliberation, we’ve decided there will be no UX New Zealand conference in 2018. After three great events, we are taking a year off (almost, see small events below). We will, however, be back again in 2019! Let’s call it a 'pause'.

Why the pause?

We love putting on this event — it’s been the highlight of our year and nothing makes us happy quite like seeing the smiling faces of our friends and attendees at UX New Zealand. We love bringing international voices to Wellington. We love finding great local voices to put on stage. And we love creating an opportunity for our community to get together to learn, live, and share a little.

Running a major conference like UX New Zealand takes a lot of time and energy. Between coordinating speakers and workshops, managing tickets, spreading the word, organising sponsors, food, venue, swag and parties — we’ve dedicated a huge chunk of time to the conference over the last three years. It's definitely been worth it. This year I believe we'll benefit from a pause, a chance to miss what we've created, and to dream about how great it will be in 2019. We want to keep the passion alive, and sometimes, that means a little time out.

We’re planning some smaller events!

We won't be sitting on our hands! We plan to host some smaller events throughout this year. We’re thinking an evening education series. For those of you that were lucky enough to attend the Steve Krug talk in our office foyer — let’s do some more of those. Who would you like to see this time? Or what subject might inspire you to greatness? I’d love to hear from you. I can still make a little magic, even if it's not the full event you've come to expect.

Keep an eye out for updates and I’ll see you soon!

UX New Zealand Conference Master & Optimal Workshop Community Manager