User research methods to build a strong information architecture


Wednesday, 18 November
1.30pm - 4.30pm
Via Zoom


UX Researchers, UX designers




Information architecture, taxonomy, is like the foundation of the house. You need to know how many rooms you have, and where they will be before you start picking out the wallpaper. This talk will help you get familiar with the various testing methods to help you build a strong foundation for your app, product or website.

  • Level set of what information architecture is
  • Methods to test information architecture
  • Pros and cons of each method
  • How do you do it
  • How it helps inform taxonomy
ABOUT Jen Blatz

Jen Blatz is a Lead User Experience Designer and Researcher with expertise that lends itself to any industry. Jen's path to UX started in journalism and graphic design where she learned the importance of aesthetics, organization, and catering content for the consumer. She has worked in a number of fields including finance, cloud storage, security and pet health. Jen is now at Fidelity Investments focusing on improving enterprise tools used by employees.

Jen loves being active in the UX community to learn and grow while helping others do the same. She is the co-founder of the UX Research and Strategy group, with a local and international presence. She is the organizer of WIAD (World Information Architecture Day) Dallas, and speaker for several local meetup groups, universities and international conferences like Convey UX, Concentric Conference, IAC (Information Architecture Conference), Big Design, UX Research and Insights Summit and more.