Rod Acevedo

Rod Acevedo
  • UX designer at Journey Digital
  • Auckland, New Zealand

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Passionate user experience designer and researcher obsessed on creating data-driven experiences that engage with brands and deliver delightful human interactions.

He excels at crafting elegant and playful experiences by diving deep to understand the why, the pros and constraints through research and analysis. His work has helped companies in New Zealand - Australia and South America to improve their customer experiences, engagement and reach their goals.

After work, you might find him lifting weights, practising gymnastics or training for the next Crossfit competition.


All designers are going to hell!

Afterlife is not easy, aye!

Do you remember that time when you were not so proud of your work? Or when you were super lazy with those changes to run before 5pm from the office? Well, it's time now for Karma to play against and you have to spend the next seven days in the hell of bad UX.

Each day we are going to dive into New Zealand bad practises of the industry, and we will propose ideas to fix them. In the end, no one wants to go to hell.