Julie Watson

Julie Watson
  • Freelance design researcher
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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Julie is a freelance design researcher. She has a PhD in information systems, and deep knowledge of research methods. Julie has a perceptive and sensitive approach to making sense of the complex ways people interact with design and information. She helps clients use research insights to inspire design and strategy.

Julie has direct experience prototyping for great design. For over a decade Julie has been actively involved in creating, reviewing and testing prototypes of all types. Working with both internal and client design teams has enabled her to gain firsthand experience of what works well –– and not so well –– and the difference mindsets can make.


Prototyping the prototype: Evolving the design mindset

We’ve all heard of and use the term ‘prototype’, but what does it actually mean in today’s world? We recently paused to consider how we think and go about prototyping in terms of what we do, how we do it and the impact our approach has on the designs we create and, most importantly, the people we create them for. We realised the importance of a key aspect of prototyping –– iterating to learn –– and the role it plays at all phases of the design process.

In this talk we’ll share our experiences of prototyping for usability, usefulness and value and the lessons we learned along the way. we’ll illustrate how iterating to learn lies at the core of a ‘prototyping mindset’ and leads to great design.

Ruth Elliott
  • Business designer
  • Wellington, New Zealand