Jennie Leng

Jennie Leng
  • UX director at Digital Arts Network
  • Auckland, New Zealand

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Jennie Leng is the UX Director at Digital Arts Network where she is responsible for leading, inspiring and growing practitioners at the forefront of Design Strategy and Research. Jennie works closely with some of New Zealand's most complex organisations, including Countdown and Air New Zealand, applying Human Centred Design in rapidly changeable environments. She is co-author of the New Zealand Design Maturity Benchmark.


Wine, bacon and periods: Product categories and our journey to wrangle them

How do you go about fundamentally changing a structure that has existed for decades? That doesn’t have an owner, but has dozens of stakeholders? That has grown organically, unchecked, until bloated beyond usefulness? And how do you build a persuasive argument for changing that structure, which permeates all levels of an organisation. This is the challenge that Countdown and Digital Arts Network faced when she undertook a review of Countdown’s online shopping categories.

In this talk, Jennie Leng (DAN) will describe their journey to simplify, standardise and modernise Countdown’s product categorisation schema. As well as the process and methods used, she will share interesting insights into how we as consumers shop and research online, how we chunk up our shopping lists, how common language plays a role in taxonomy, and how clues and previews can support wayfinding.

Jennie will outline the 8 principles she developed to guide and future-proof the new categories, which can be applied to almost any information architecture review. She will also talk about the most significant change she introduced with the new product categories - one that made headlines around the world.