Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts
  • Experience and service designer at JB Hi-Fi
  • Melbourne, Australia

A seasoned consultant in the industry, Gareth is a creative thinker, problem solver, and an advocate for UX and service design in the agile workspace. With his extensive experience spanning Australia and the USA across a wide range of industries and digital products, he is passionate about crafting products and services that bring delight to users, and help businesses become more efficient and cost effective.


Service design and Agile in a post-covid world - the odd couple?

As businesses adapt to a significant paradigm change; to remote workforces, socially-distanced spaces, quickly pivoted business models and contactless delivery, the importance of understanding and designing-for complex, constantly changing service offerings and providing consistent and engaging digital experiences has never been greater.

Traditionally, Service Design has been our toolkit for tackling and resolving these challenges, but has it ever really adapted to the fast-paced, delivery focused world of Agile project management that many of us now find ourselves in? And what now with the added challenge of a global pandemic and the many additional constraints that have been brought with it?

In this talk, Gareth and Ben will explore the problems with Service Design in the context of Agile ways of working, coupled with the added challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it, highlighting the need to run lean and adapt quickly.

Using examples and case studies drawn directly from their own first-had experiences, Gareth and Ben will explain some of the common pitfalls and problems with Service Design in Agile before proposing their suggestion for a better way.

Ben Tollady
  • Experience design leader & consultant at Benjamin Tollady Design
  • Melbourne, Australia