Mila Dymnikova

Mila Dymnikova
  • Data scientist at Optimal Workshop
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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Adding a competitive edge to your UX team

When designing a product, why do we need data in the first place? Data allows us to identify problems and dismiss assumptions. Data is a tool to figure out what to do next. Your future UX team might include a few data scientists. Here’s why: data science is a growing field that is influencing how products are developed and ways of improving user experience with the same intention of being customer focused. This talk will introduce the mindset behind data science and how it can add a competitive edge to your UX team.


Mila started her career as a software developer and transitioned to a data scientist when there was an opportunity to start Optimal Workshop on an analytics journey. Mila feels that data should be accessible to everyone and takes time to create interactive workshops and presentations on topics around data analytics, data visualisations and artificial intelligence. She’s most happy when she can collaborate on problems with researchers and designers to drive product innovation and better decision making.