Julie Jeon

Julie Jeon
  • Design lead at Fjord
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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Problem solving as a team

Solving problems as a multidisciplinary team is hard. But when we get it right, we get happier people and better products. We’ve had an interesting journey over the past few years across Xero and Trade Me, evolving our processes for solving customer problems and getting these solutions built. Finding effective ways to collaborate to build the right thing has been one of our biggest challenges, alongside navigating frameworks like Agile, lean, dual track development, and design sprints.

We’ve developed some neat tricks that make sure we as designers are equipped with ways to solve problems with the team. We hope to cover some of the pain points, the strategies we tried to address these problems, and some mistakes we’ve learned from over time.


Julie likes to get stuck into problem solving to make digital products work better for real people. And to do that, she’s found ways to work with teams towards the right things being prioritised and built. She also aspires to be a good coach to other designers, so they feel enabled to lead teams on the path towards good outcomes. In her spare time, Julie sends snail mail to her pen pals, fusses over her indoor plants and writes in her journal.

Sophie Taylor
  • Senior experience designer at Digital Arts Network
  • Wellington, New Zealand