Jon Bell

Jon Bell
  • Lead designer at Alphero
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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We all know how products look by the time they're released, but there's a lot of great design that goes into making the processes and techniques that lead to these products. In this talk, Jon Bell explains some of his favourite techniques he's seen used over 20 years, including on products like Twitter and Windows Phone. This is not a theoretical, abstract talk. You should walk away with a list of tangible feature ideas to bring back to your design team. After all, we all deal with similar challenges as designers, so we could stand to learn more from how other companies are grappling with them, and in turn evolve those processes even further on our own teams.


Jon Bell has worked everywhere from tiny startups to giant corporations. Before moving his family to New Zealand, he was a staff product designer at Twitter and previously he led teams on Office Mobile and Windows Phone. Before that he worked at frog design doing work with dozens of clients that he's technically supposed to keep secret. He loves to chat, write, teach and play.