Cara Kleid

Cara Kleid
  • UX designer at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Seattle, USA

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Tales (and tools) of a UX designer in East Africa

How do you design interfaces for people who cannot read? How do you advertise a new product to someone that never leaves their rural farm? How do you conduct a user interview about a sensitive topic if you’re surrounded by 20 curious kids? Cara Kleid is a UX designer and researcher who will be giving a talk about her experience living and working in Uganda where she helped create and launch mobile financial products and services to meet the needs of the rural poor.


Cara is Principal UX Designer at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, currently focused on building organisational design maturity and leading the user experience of the Gates Foundations’s technology platform. Prior to the Gates Foundation, Cara worked at MAYA Design as well as startups in Seattle, WA, and in Kampala, Uganda where she lead work to research, design, and launch mobile financial services for the rural poor. Cara is a passionate workshop facilitator who strives to foster an inclusive and expansive learning environment for all participants.