Asha Scott-Morris

Ahsa Scott-Morris
  • Business analyst at Bank of New Zealand
  • Wellington, New Zealand

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Practicality with principles: implementing continuous discovery with an Agile product team

Conducting user experience research in an Agile product team can be tricky; the team’s need for short cycles and fast delivery of value can conflict with the need for a robust research methodology. At its core, this is a problem of timing: the fast cadence required by the product team can be at odds with the slower cadence required to develop a deep understanding of customers. This talk will explore how continuous discovery can address this conflict by taking a practical approach to research that still fulfills the core principles of both Agile methodologies and user experience research.


Asha has worked as a business analyst for ten years. She’s passionate about helping teams to deliver real customer value by developing their Agile and product management processes. She likes facilitating workshops to within an inch of their life, getting to the heart of the problem and moving between levels of abstraction, and dislikes unspoken assumptions and post-its that won’t stick.