Amelia Diggle

Amelia Diggle
  • Service design lead at Verizon Connect and designer and founder of Human Interface Jewellery
  • Christchurch, New Zealand

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Intelligent design measurement - how to prove CX ROI like a spy.

Collecting, analysing and sharing data is a proven way to gain insights into customer experience. It informs new and improved products and services and helps remove unconscious biases from important decisions.

But why is showing the ROI of a CX design process so hard to do? How might we add some rigorous proof to show the value of human-centred design? Which tools, methods and techniques are the best for your organisation? And how do we know if we’re focusing on the right metrics and telling the right data stories?

In this talk, Amelia will map all things CX measurement to the many layers of our customer ecosystems. While showing how we can transfer the techniques detectives and intelligence analysts use to prove and prevent serious crime – to identify and prevent unhappy customers.


Amelia loves technology. She started her design career off with industrial design and quickly found the fun in digital, UX and CX. She’s designed software for solving serious crimes, experiences for the millions of NZ mobile users, a platform for creating conversational artificial intelligence and tactile 3D printed jewellery inspired by interfaces. Amelia is passionate about creating socially responsible products and services utilising the latest technology, and especially how we measure and show the value of CX design within these exciting new spaces. She currently helps Verizon Connect apply human centred design tools and processes to their vehicle tracking software.