Ruth Keiry

Ruth Keiry
  • Experience Designer at PWC’s Experience Centre
  • Wellington, New Zealand

As a strategic, dynamic designer, Ruth truly believes that having a collaborative team is a force to be reckoned with. She knows if you can’t create unity when faced with a problem you’ll never solve it.

Ruth lives and breathes collaboration; she has created experiences that touch millions of New Zealanders at Trade Me and has solved important problems that make a real difference to people’s lives in New Zealand.

Her background is in user experience, her current mission is to change the status quo on collaboration. She harnesses her experience to tackle complex design challenges through engaging the right people, with the right skills to have the right conversations.

You could say Collaboration is her veins.


A Collaborators Guide to the Galaxy

In a world of working together & sharing information – we have lost sight of true collaboration. Although we've come a long way, today's world is full of constraints, making collaboration more like cooperation. We must forge a new way forward – embracing working together as a requirement, not a nice to have.

This session bridges the gap to true collaboration. Empowering you to embrace the change necessary to become a collaborator. Ruth will share with you; the powerful principles she uses as an influencer of collaboration, a range of things to consider when preparing to collaborate, and techniques you can use to overcome any barriers to true collaboration.

Let Ruth unlock you and your team's full force.

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