Michael Palmyre

Michael Palmyre
  • Human-Centred Researcher & Designer at Tobias
  • Sydney, Australia

Michael works as a human-centred researcher and strategic designer in government, health, finance and superannuation, and is a PhD candidate in anthropology and sociology; his PhD ethnography of witchcraft in Seychelles explores concepts of modernity and value.


Are We Using Design to Make the World a Less Valuable Place?

Delivering value is central to human-centred design. But how do we define ‘value’? Is there an inherent conflict between business value and what is valuable to people? How might we make and shape the world by spreading our values through design? Are we designing a world we'd want to live in?

In this talk, Michael will go on a fair bit about something that seems pretty simple: value. He’ll talk about how we might approach, understand, define and make sense of value using anthropology, sociology, traditional and behavioural economics including examples from his own PhD work and ethnographies.

Michael's talk will radically challenge your notion of value and encourage you to rethink your assumptions. He will provide key takeaways and ways to critically engage with how you assess the real-world value of your work.

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