Lisa Jansen

Lisa Jansen
  • Service Design Lead at SMS Management and Technology
  • Canberra, Australia

Lisa is a lead design consultant with more than a decade’s experience leading user research and service design engagements in Canberra, Australia. Working at SMS Management and Technology, she engages primarily with Government agencies, leading complex design engagements to understand their users, define their problems and develop their ideas.

Lisa is passionate about creating experiences that align to people's natural ways of doing things. She helps people apply user research, and services design techniques to their problems to understand how they can improve new and existing services.

Lisa recently presented at the UX Australia Design Research conference in Sydney and is looking forward to meeting other passionate designers in New Zealand.


You Can Sprint!

Design sprints are an innovative design technique that has picked up momentum within the last couple of years. The concept of taking a problem, developing multiple ideas to solve it, understanding how it relates to people, developing the idea into a prototype and testing it to reach a decision within a week or two, is hard to turn away from.

During her presentation Lisa will demonstrate how everyday design techniques, such as user interviews, personas, brainstorming, service mapping and others, can be adapted for a sprint process. So instead of spending days on personas...identifying them, developing them, validating them, documenting them... you spend only a couple of hours on them. Attendees will learn not only how to do it, but how to lead others (who maybe have never heard of personas) through the process successfully.

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