Krispian Emert

Krispian Emert
  • Senior UX Researcher
  • Vancouver, Canada

Krispian has over 10 years experience working in UX. She has worked all over the world: for startups, agencies, and companies like Microsoft, The NFL, ING, etc. Currently, she is lead UX Researcher at TELUS, one of Canada's largest telcos.

Krispian teaches Information Architecture and Design Thinking at VFS; speaks about UX at conferences and universities, and is involved in the local/global UX community.

Outside of work, Krispian plays bass for local cover bands.


Becoming a More Valuable UX Professional

To make more money in UX, you need to provide value to stakeholders. In this talk, I posit that we cannot be seen as valuable if we position ourselves as tactical "decorators" merely concerned with "making the thing right." The way to increase our value is to help stakeholders in “making the right thing” by taking a more strategic approach to UX. In this talk you will learn one tenet and three tools that will help you bring strategic thinking into your work and thereby increase your value and the overall value of UX as a discipline. I will also cover "speaking the language of business" so that your ideas gain more credibility to stakeholders.

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